Routines are acquired habits of doing things without the need for reflection!

Routine in marriage is unfortunately a very common attitude in many marriages today. It is a kind of numbing of the conjugal relationship.

The busy modern life, stress, social commitments, so much news and so many things that stimulate your thinking, makes many people fall into a routine of life.

Many people just exist; They work, study, run, shop, travel, but their life is an empty routine.

Routine is a tedious and empty way of living and has a lot to do with selfishness. Each one concentrates on his own activities and neglects the most important activity in life: relating well to his family. They do not take into account the opinion or interest of the other in a specific topic.

Routine makes you forget the details that keep a relationship alive. For example, we forget to prepare a special breakfast for our spouse from time to time. We forget to tell our spouse how much we love him and how important he is to us. We men forget to bring our wife some flowers, or some kind of affection. Women forget to caress their husband.

One of the areas most affected by the routine is the sexual area. When routine affects this area, the emotions of the marriage are injured and the couple tends to separate emotionally.

Proverbs 5: 18-19: May your spring be blessed and rejoice with the woman of your youth, beloved doe, gracious gazelle! May his caresses satisfy you at all times and in his love always recreate yourself.

1 Corinthians 7: 5: Do not deny each other, except for a time of mutual consent, to quietly engage in prayer. Then come back together as one, so that Satan will not tempt you because of your incontinence.

To overcome routine, radical decisions must be made to get them out of that boring way of life. One of our first suggestions is that make the decision to set aside one day a week for the couple. Have the children take care of you that night and the couple make a date for dinner, to walk in a park, to share a few hours at night just for the two of them. It must be planned with details and nice surprises. It is a night for romantic purposes.

Men become romantic with your wife again, have details with her, exactly as when you conquered her. Women make yourself pretty, get ready for your husband, prepare that food that he likes. Both of you seek loving actions in favor of the other, to encourage the flame of love and overcome routine.

Overcoming routine brings many benefits to marriage and family. It will bring joy to the relationship, stimulate good treatment, keep the flame of passion alive, bring better health to the body.

If your marriage suffers from routine, talk to your spouse today and decide to make change decisions to put the relationship back on a level of joy and happiness.

Your marriage and your family is the most valuable treasure that God has given you. TAKE CARE OF HIM!

Luis and Hannya Fernandez.