"The way you react to failure determines the outcome of your dreams" Pedro Sifontes

This week I have been experiencing a feeling of failure in my life, and it is that when it comes to living and leading there are times when we feel that we are not achieving the results we want. The good thing is being able to remember that failure is not my end and that it is not forever.

Failure does not determine my success, nor does my tomorrow. There are people who have failed and then succeeded, while there are people who have succeeded and then failed. So neither failure nor success determine my tomorrow, only my faith and my mentality.

Where do you place your trust? What are your thoughts when you fail?

I came across the meaning of failure according to one of the NFL's most famous football coaches, Vicent Lombardi.

Failure is not synonymous with being a failure ... It means, you have not yet achieved success.

Failure does not mean that you did not achieve anything ... It means that you learned something new.

Failure does not mean you acted foolish ... It means, you did not have much faith.

Failure does not mean that we suffer discredit ... It means that we were willing to try and try.

Failure is not synonymous with lack of ability ... It means that we must do things differently next time.

Failure does not mean that we are inferior ... It means that we are not perfect.

Failure does not mean that we lost our lives ... It means that we have good reasons to start over.

Failure does not mean that we have to back down ... It means that we have to step forward and fight harder.

Failure does not mean that we will never achieve our goals ... It means that we will take a little longer to achieve them.

Failure does not mean that God has abandoned us… It means that he has a better idea for us and that we will have another chance.

You can see that failure does not make us a loser, what makes us a loser is staying in failure.

Four things I want to remind you of:

- Failure is an event that happens and also happens to the best people. Don't be afraid to fail. Every leader takes risks.

- Every time you fail, do not go looking for excuses or pointing out guilty. Every leader takes responsibility.

- He is always ready to learn from failure. Make the necessary changes and prevent this from happening again. Every leader is a learner.

- Leave failure in the past and move towards your future. If you keep embracing failure you won't be able to see the good that God has for you.

There is a definition of failure that says: "Failure is synonymous with not having tried ... "

What things do you need to keep trying?

Enjoy your life today, not letting failure control your life and your emotions.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Coach and Speaker
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