Perseverance is an attitude that leads you to resolve to achieve what you have undertaken despite obstacles. The Apostle Paul had perseverance and we can see it in his words in Philippians 3:12:   Not that it has already reached it, nor that it is already perfect; but I continue, to see if I can grasp that for which I was also grasped by Christ Jesus.

In the midst of life's crises, attitude is what counts. How we react, what we do, who we go to for help.

Therefore, to you, Lord, my eyes look. I have trusted in you: do not abandon my soul. Psalm 141: 8

Have you been to observe
the attitude of birds to adversity?

They spend days and days making their nest, collecting materials
sometimes brought from long distances ...

… And when it is finished and they are ready to put
eggs, inclement weather
or the work of the human being or some animal destroys it
and throws down what was achieved with so much effort

What is the bird doing? Do you freeze, abandon the task?

No way. It starts again, again and again,
until the first eggs appear in the nest.

Sometimes - many times - before the chicks hatch
some animal, a child, a storm, destroy again
the nest, but this time with its precious content ...

It hurts to start over from scratch ... But still the bird
never mute or back down, keep singing and
building, building and singing ...

Have you felt that your life, your work, your family, your friends
They are not what you dreamed of? Did you mean to say enough, it is not worth
worth the effort, is this too much for me?

Are you tired of starting over, of the wear and tear of the fight
daily, of betrayed trust, of goals not
achieved when you were about to achieve it?

So life hits you once again, never give yourself up,
Say a prayer, put your hope forward and lash out.

Do not worry if you suffer any injury in battle,
hopefully something like this will happen.

Put the pieces of your hope together, put it back together and
lunges again.

No matter what happens… don't be dismayed, keep going.

Life is a constant challenge but it is worth accepting.
And above all ... never stop singing.

Look, I command you to make an effort and be brave; do not be afraid or dismayed, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Josue 1: 9.

God bless you,

Your sister and friend,

Alva Vargas de Contreras.