"Much of the knowledge of divine things escapes us for lack of faith." Heraclitus

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is in Hebrews 11It is the chapter of faith and what powerfully draws my attention is that through faith many people… conquered kingdoms, did justice and achieved what was promised…

Why am I not successful? Why am I not achieving my dreams?

One of the reasons is because of our disbelief, because of doubt, because of fear, because of our little faith in the things we undertake. What Jesus says is powerful: "I assure you that if anyone says to this mountain: 'Get away from there and throw yourself into the sea," believing, without harboring the slightest doubt that what he says will happen, he will get it. "

We cannot achieve our dreams when there is no faith in our heart. If you don't believe in your dreams, no one else is going to believe in your dreams. If you let fears grow in your life, you will have prevented yourself from achieving your dreams.

True success comes from within, from within and manifests itself on the outside. The battle starts from within, you win everything from the heart. You must be convinced that this dream that God put in your heart is real. Faith is knowing that what you expect is already done. It is a conviction, not an exaggeration. It is not about convincing others, it is about being convinced that you can achieve it. It's taking action for what you hope will happen.

What things do you hope will happen in your life today? What steps are you going to take to make them happen?

It is time you stop thinking with a lobster mentality, and start thinking with a giant mentality that you can reach the promised land. I have written that we are greater than we think, that God designed us to win, for great things.

If there are things that you are not achieving in your life, in your marriage or in your work or business, it is probably the lack of faith, doubt assails you and you cannot move forward. Authentic faith must be defined and free from doubt. The moment you doubt it ceases to be faith.

There is a reflection that you have surely read more than once:

In a rural town in the 1950s, there was a long drought that threatened to ruin all its inhabitants, because they subsisted on the fruit of their work in the fields. Despite the fact that most of its inhabitants were believers, faced with the extreme situation, they went to see the pastor of the church and told him:

- "Pastor, if God is so powerful, let's ask him to send the necessary rain to reverse this distressing situation." - "Okay, we will ask the Lord, but there must be an indispensable condition." - "Tell us what it is!", They all responded. - "You have to ask him with faith, with a lot of faith," replied the pastor. - "We will do so, and we will also come to church services every day!"

The peasants began to go to the temple every day, but the weeks passed and the expected rain did not appear.

One day, they all went to confront the pastor and demand:

- “Pastor, you told us that if we asked God with faith to send the rains, He would agree to our requests. But it's been several weeks now and we haven't received any response. " - "Have you asked with authentic faith?", Asked the pastor. - "Yes, of course!", They answered in unison. - "So, if they say they have asked with authentic faith ... why during all these days not one of you has brought the umbrella?"

If we have faith we must show our facts.

Nothing is impossible when you know what you want, when you know how to get there and when you have the faith to believe that you will achieve what you promised.

You can conquer kingdoms, you can achieve what is promised but you have to believe it, you have to stop being a chicken and soar like eagles. Remember that: "The plans that God has for you are for your well-being."

“Faith is not simply believing in something; it is believing in God, it is resting in Him trusting in His Word. " Edward M. Bounds

Today is the best day to commit to yourself, to cultivate and grow your faith. Through faith you can achieve extraordinary results.

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Personal Coach
[email protected]