The troops advanced step by step. The jungle was thick and wet, the ground muddy, and danger lurked every meter of the trail.

At this point Lewis B. Puller, a US Army lieutenant fighting in Vietnam, stepped on a booby trap. For every soldier who spoke English, it was literally a "booby trap." The explosion did not kill him, but it mutilated both his legs and part of his hands.

Freed from death, Lewie Puller returned home, studied law to become a lawyer, married and had children, and even wrote a book called Lucky Son that won him an award. But his life never stopped carrying the pain of war. One day, unable to bear his grief any longer, he committed suicide. Time magazine published his obituary and gave it the title: "The wound that never healed."

The wars of this world continue to claim their victims, even after many years have passed. Lieutenant Puller, son of General Puller, the most decorated man in the US Navy, appeared to be a winner. He overcame the loss of his legs. He lived twenty-six years with his wife. And he successfully wrote his autobiography. but the psychosis of war had it marked.

Puller immersed himself in the alcohol. That caused problems in his marriage, accelerating the separation from his wife. Vietnam's psychological wound, which never healed, ended up destroying it.

There are wounds of the soul worse than those of the body. Many seriously crippled men have been able to survive, recover, and even be happy. But Puller fell victim to another injury. Back in the depths of his soul there was always an ulcer, an open sore that continually asked: Why did it have to happen to me?

He sought relief in alcohol, but this is also a "booby trap" as destructive as the one that mutilated his legs in the jungle.

We would like to be able to reveal other nice details regarding this man and give his biography a happy ending. But the reality is sometimes cruel. There is no comfort in alcohol. There is no salvation in drugs. There is no true life force in scholarship or literature. The only thing that can heal the wounds of the soul is a spiritual experience.

Jesus Christ is the one who comforts the afflicted, raises the fallen, encourages the depressed, and sets the captives free. Only Christ saves, restores, redeems and transforms. Come to me, he tells us all. Let us accept your invitation.

But I will bring healing to you, and will heal your wounds, says the Lord; because they called you out of the way, saying, "This is Zion, which no one remembers." Jeremiah 30:17

Behold, I will bring you healing and medicine; and I will heal them, and reveal to them an abundance of peace and truth. Jeremiah 33: 6