Celestial father…

… I ask you to help me understand my children, to listen to them patiently and to answer all their questions with kindness.

Remind me not to interrupt or contradict them.

Make me act with them with the same consideration that I expect of them

May I never laugh at their mistakes, or make fun of them, or make a fool of them when they cross me

Never let me punish you just for satisfying my appetites or demonstrating my authority.

Don't let him tempt you to steal or lie.

And guide me moment by moment to show you with all my words and actions that honesty and sincerity are the source of happiness.

I ask you to soften my rudeness of character;
And when I'm in a bad mood, Lord, help me to hold my tongue.
Never forget that they are children and that I should not expect adult criteria from them.

Do not deprive them of the opportunity to take care of themselves and make decisions on their own.
Grant me greatness to agree to all their requests that are valid, and on the other hand deny them everything that in my opinion would be detrimental to them.

Make me be impartial and treat them fairly and kindly, deserve their love and respect, and be a model for them. Amen