There is a general principle to remember when fighting negativity:

"Everything positive is better than nothing that is negative"

Anything positive you do is better than what comes from giving rise to pessimism that has nothing good.

Take the word "negative" and overwrite it with the word "positive."

Although they have the same number of letters, the consequences of putting them into action are a world away from each other.

Look up the definitions of the word negative in the dictionary.

Bad: harmful, harmful, lacking in goodness, offering difficulty, unpleasant, annoying.

Pessimistic: who tends to see and judge things in the least favorable way.

The opposite of positive.

In logic: that opposes, denies, or contradicts a claim, proof, or argument.

In biology: It applies to the nastia or reaction that moves away or away from a source of stimulus, for example, heat or light.

Undesirable person or thing: bad, discouraging, or detracting from a pleasant situation.

apathetic, harmful, adverse, pessimistic, down, contrary, discouraging, depressing, destructive, defeatist, harmful.

You see, there is nothing good about negativity.
It is the complete opposite of what God is.
Now look up the word "positive" in the dictionary and read its meanings.

True: true or undoubted.

In law: irrefutable: forceful and unquestionable.

Optimistic: who is confident and tends to see things in the most favorable light.

Useful, practical, beneficial.

What encourages good behavior ...

Not negative

In biology: it is applied to the nastia or reaction that produces growth or movement before a stimulus, for example, light.

sure, accurate, clear, convinced, guaranteed, confident, irrefutable, unbeatable, explicit, concrete, conclusive, categorical, decisive, unquestionable, confirmed, undeniable, optimistic, constructive, helpful, affirmative, progressive, encouraging.

The effect of negativity on someone's life is devastating, no more, no less.
It strips the person of the possibilities with which God created him and prevents him from doing everything that He intends to do through him.

Having a negative attitude is neither more nor less than pessimism.