If you have a problem ...

Look at them!

If you complain about your job ... What about her?

If your salary is very low ... What about him?

If you don't have many friends… Think of Him!

If you think that the study is very hard ...
What about this girl?

If you want to give up ...
Think of this man!

If you think your life is very hard ...
Do you fight as hard as he does?

If you complain about your transportation system
Look at them!

If your social system is unfair ...
What about hers?

What's the use of being grumpy today?

Did your bad temper save you any trouble?
Did you cover more ground than you used to,
for taking the bad temper as a companion?


… What is the point of being in a bad mood or frowning, if it does not help smooth the way, or is able to cover up a daunting problem?
If it doesn't help you, it's not worth it!
Your work can be tough ... just do it ...

and smile!

When you have thanked God for each of your blessings,
What time is left to murmur and lament?

If you are not grateful for what you receive,
You must be for the things you get rid of!

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