Many wonder:

What is my reason for living?

Why do I have to suffer?

Why did I fall in love with this person?

Why am I in debt?

How did this happen to me?

In short, we live asking ourselves many questions about life, how ungrateful life has been with us. We do not understand that we have the key to go free, the reason is that we are prisoners and jailer of our thoughts.

We did or create all problems with a level of thought, to change the problem or solve it I need to change my thoughts.

Jesus says: "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32 (NIV)

Many of us know this verse but do not apply it to our lives. If we know this why not choose to win with each one of the promises that God has for us, to make them come true, to be successful in life, in relationships, in business and in ministry. Now you must define what is success for you, success has nothing to do with fame, money, and power. Success is the result of our obedience to God and his Word.

When you know the truth, you must not go on living in slavery. The truth helps you build the future you are dreaming of. It is a matter of attitude, the attitude of living free without fear and our beliefs play a very important role in it.

What do I believe?

What I believe affects my behavior, my way of being, my way of relating to others.

What are my beliefs?

A belief can be generating possibilities: "I can", or limiting: "I can't." Unfortunately people tend to imprison themselves more in the latter, being blinded to all the potential that exists within each one. For example, we believe in the resurrection of Christ but forget that the Christian life is lived in the power of the resurrection.

Remember Job, his wise words: I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will triumph over death. (19:25)

We accept our beliefs as true but beliefs can be changed. What you know or what you are experiencing can change. Depending on how I say what I say, I will be creating positive or negative experiences.

Let us choose to create power generators, the word of God is alive and effective. Our mind accepts whatever we decide to believe. They are just thoughts, ideas and we can handle them at will, God created you with that ability, he did not make you a robot or a puppet.

Many are praying, reading the bible, going to church, giving and that is fine, but since they do not see their requests fulfilled, they think that God does not listen to them, that he does not care about them, that they are unworthy, that they are wasting their time And why pray if God does not grant me what I want and since they do not have an immediate answer to their prayers, they become discouraged and think that it is best to forget God.

His belief is that nothing can change his situation, that God wants it and has determined it that way. The truth is that they are full of religiosity and they are not experiencing the freedom to approach God as a father, as a friend.

God is a God of relationship not of religion, He wants you to trust Him even though you do not understand.

Believe even if you don't understand it, you just have to believe and declare his promises about your life and about your family. God does not want to see you in slavery, for this he sent his son Jesus so that we have life and abundance. I remind you that the Christian life is more than good will, it is the power of God acting on us.

God wants the best for you, He has given you all things, but He expects us to make the decision to be responsible and make the commitment to live life to the fullest. Responsibility and commitment are distinctions that are learned, we will soon be starting our training, if you like we will send you the information.

"If it is not in your hands to change a situation that causes you pain, you can always choose the attitude with which you face that suffering." Viktor frankl

Perhaps you know the story of Vicktor Frankl, a survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, who lost his wife and parents in a Nazi concentration camp. After his release in 1945 he wrote his famous book Man's Search for Meaning, where he describes the life of a prisoner in a concentration camp from the perspective of a psychiatrist.

By living in his own being what a naked existence meant, with nothing, the book describes the way in which he was able to survive despite the fact that he had lost everything, everything he had seen destroy around him. Explain how everything worthwhile had been taken from him.

He suffered hunger, cold and brutality at the hands of the Nazi guards. On several occasions he was on the verge of death, just as he saw death around him. However, Frankl's goal is to help people reach a hopeful temper about the human ability to transcend their difficulties with dignity, through the discovery of meaning in their lives.

By discovering your convenient and guiding truth, man not only finds meaning in his life, but also discovers what life expects of him.

Viktor Frankl discovered his truth, he was not a prisoner or jailer of his thoughts, he gave meaning to his life when he changed his attitude and his way of thinking.

Are you willing to change your attitude and your thoughts? Are you going to stay in that concentration camp? The concentration camp where many are trying to survive is their mind. You can be free if you decide to believe in Jesus as your savior, you have the keys to go free.

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In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes

Lecturer and Leadership and Coaching Trainer. Founder and Director of the Center for Creative Leadership. Pastor of the Las Buenas Nuevas International Family Center, Panama.

Contact: [email protected]