“Every day God gives us an opportunity to go after our dreams. The decision you make or don't make is what will make the difference. " Pedro Sifontes

This week I received many emails from people who do not know what they want out of life. These people do not know where they are or where they are going.

For them, whatever path they take they do not care, although in the end they do not like what they find.

The secret of life is to make good and wise decisions, this is called wisdom, the art of knowing how to live. The decision you make today will determine your tomorrow.

How do you want your tomorrow or your future to be? It depends on the decision you make today.

It is proven that the key to success is to make clear and definitive decisions, and the key to failure is not to make any decisions.

When we don't make decisions, what we are saying is that we are afraid of failing. We hope that others will make the decision and thus excuse us that they are to blame for your situation.

This is the story we have heard from the beginning, you remember Adam and Eve when they were in Eden and decided to eat the forbidden fruit, then he blames her and she the serpent, and so we go through life blaming our parents, spouses, teachers, friends, and others.

Our whole life is based on decisions. From the moment you get up until you go to bed you are deciding, that is why the results you are having are due to the decisions you are making.

God gave us the freedom to choose life or death, blessing or curse, success or failure, the broad way or the narrow way. No one else can determine your success or failure, your happiness or your unhappiness. You are responsible for your destiny.

Now if I don't make decisions, others are going to make them for me and that will not remove the responsibility of my destiny. That can bring sorrows, pain, anguish, anxiety, worry, stress, in very rare cases it can bring something positive.

When I make decisions, I have a very good chance of becoming a winner. Someone who makes decisions does not wait to see what life is going to give them, he or she makes sure to go towards the life they want, they not only see the present but they see the future and anticipate its consequences.

They don't look for short-term solutions, they have long-term prospects.

“He who is wise and intelligent pays attention and learns more. ". Proverbs 18:15 (TLA)

You can see that a wise and intelligent person pays attention first and is willing to learn. A person who is not wise does not pay attention and is not willing to learn.

To make good decisions you must focus on what you want, pay attention and visualize the possible scenarios with their respective consequences, and adhere to the chosen plan.

Things may not work out as planned yet, and that is where you must be willing to learn, so as not to repeat the same mistake. Adam was not willing to learn from his decisions, he hid himself and preferred to blame Eve, for that reason he was thrown out of paradise.

I ask you again what do you want to achieve in life? What is your dream?

Today is the best day to go after your dreams, do not wait and take action. King Solomon said "Every effort is worth it, but whoever speaks and does not act ends up in poverty." Proverbs 14:23

How do you want to end in life? Decide today to finish well, God has made you a winner but you decide if you believe it or not. For more information write to [email protected]

In love and service,

Pedro Sifontes
Coach and Speaker
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