one. Live is… vibrate every moment, before the emotion of perceiving the wonder of the creation that surrounds us.

two. Live is…. To understand that every minute that passes will not return, is to catch it intensely, because it is part of the time that we know has remained in yesterday.

3. Live is..It is knowing how to give the best of ourselves, it is vibrating in goodness and taking our capacity to be to its maximum expression.

Four. Live is.. enjoy the beautiful moments and challenge yourself in the face of adversity.

5. Live is… learning more every day is evolving and changing to make us a better being than yesterday, a being that justifies its existence.

6. Live is... To love intensely through a caress is to listen in silence to the word of the loved one, it is to forgive an offense without reply, it is to breathe in the presence of the other, it is to passionately kiss those who love us.

7. Live is… peacefully contemplate the joy of a child, listen to the adolescent accepting their concerns without protesting, gratefully accompany the elderly in their solitude.

8. Live is… To understand the friend in the face of adversity and although there are a thousand arguments to contradict or justify him, finally just listening to him is having the ability to rejoice at his triumphs and achievement.

9. Live is… feel that our existence was not in vain and to the extent that we dare to give the best of ourselves in each moment, we manage to manifest the greatness of our soul to love.

10. Live is… vibrate and feel, is to love and enjoy, is to observe and overcome, is to give and accept, is to understand that our time is the only thing we have to fully realize our being.

Live in God, by God through God and for God.


God bless you,

Your sister and friend,

Alva Vargas de Contreras.