“For 13 years I have lived in marriage with a man.

Until a few years ago I have realized the great differences that we have. This reflection invites me to resume my life, I am 37 years old, a mother of 2 children aged 7 and 9 respectively, I work in education and now I feel that I live in the garbage.

It is useless for me to have a beautiful house when I cannot even enjoy it, work and the bad state of the road force me to come home at night.

A man who is practically absent, likes a drink, I get the impression that friends are first for him, when I have asked for his help, I have not had it many times. Now I am thinking of requesting a transfer to another municipality and it is possible, far from this place.

There is no respect for the person and the responsibility is open to criticism. I do not have the last word, but in reality I am exhausted from this way of life, I know that there are people in worse circumstances, - I do not believe in saying everyone has what they deserve. I do not know what to do, every time I read the reflections, I feel that doubts are cleared, but I am afraid of reaching an unknown place, with 2 little ones to educate, it is very difficult for me to get rid of what I have.

I need advice."


Many spouses do not understand that marriage is a two-way road, not a one-way road. There are privileges but there are also responsibilities in marriage.

When a marriage reaches the point where one partner ignores his responsibilities, it is necessary to confront him with love but also with firmness.

There is a degree of respect that we all need. If someone who lives with us does not want to take responsibility then we need to speak clearly to them so that they can make a decision. If that person does not change or make a decision then we need to make that decision.

Sometimes the decision is drastic, which can involve painful decisions, such as surgery. When tumors do not disappear, they must be removed.

If someone doesn't respect me, I'm going to give myself respect. God gave us his example when the people of Israel turned away from him and went into disobedience.

He declared that he would leave them so they would know that he was unwilling to tolerate their sin. Many spouses abuse, are irresponsible and disrespect because no one has told them ... Until now I tolerate your abuse.

May God help you speak up and make the right decision out of love for God, yourself, and your children.