During a charity dinner, the father of a disabled child gave an unforgettable speech ...

Is this:
We say that God does everything perfectly ...
Where is the perfection in Shay, my son?

My son cannot understand things like other children. My child cannot remember how other children ...

Where then is the perfection of God?

I believe that by creating a retarded child like my son, the perfection that God seeks is:

How do we react with this child? ...

Here is a small anecdote to illustrate my statements.

One day we were watching a group of young people playing baseball. At that Shay said to me: "Do you think they would let me play? ".

He knew Shay wasn't the kind of teammate kids normally look for, but he hoped despite everything that he would be allowed to play.

So I asked one of the outfield players if they could let Shay participate.
The player reflects for a few moments and says:

“We lose by six runs and we're in the eighth inning, I think he can be part of the team and have a chance to hit in the ninth inning. "

Shay heaved a huge sigh.

We told Shay to put on her glove and take position.

At the end of the eighth, Shay's team scored but there was still a three-run gap. Towards the end of the ninth inning, Shay's team scores another run!
The team is now two races apart and still has a chance to win the match ...

Amazing thing, they give him the bat.
Everyone knows that it is almost impossible to win because Shay does not know how to catch the bat or how to hit a ball.

When Shay moved over the receiving area, the pitcher moves a few steps closer and throws the ball slow enough that Shay can at least hit it with the bat.

Shay awkwardly hits the first pitch, to no avail. One of his teammates comes to his aid and the two grab the bat, waiting for the next pitch.

The pitcher comes a little closer and very slowly throws the ball to Shay.

With her teammate, Shay hits the ball that rolls towards the pitcher who picks it up.

He could have easily thrown her to first base, knocked out Shay anyway, and finished the game.

But instead, the pitcher throws the ball high up the field, away from first base.

They all start screaming:

"Run to first base, Shay!
Run to first base! "

He would never have had a chance to run to first base.

Shay gallops along the baseline, totally in awe. When he reaches first base, the receiver on the right is holding the ball; he could easily throw her to second base, eliminating Shay who won't stop running. But he throws the ball up to third base and everyone yells:

”Run to the second! Run to the second! "

The runners ahead of Shay approach second base, the opponent heads to third base and exclaims:

”Run to third! "

When Shay goes through the third, the young people of both teams continue to exclaim:

"Do the whole circuit, Shay! "

Shay completes the circuit, reaches the reception area and the players lift him onto their shoulders.

Shay is a hero!

He just had a great race and won the match for the team.
All that day his father was with tears in his eyes.
These 18 guys reached their own level of God perfection. "

Today's paradox is that:

- we have the patience to build large buildings
but not enough patience to control his anger.

we have wide roads,
but narrow points of view ...

- we spend more,
but we have less ...

-we inhabit bigger houses,
but families are smaller ...

-we enjoy more comforts,
but we don't have free time ...

-we accumulate more diplomas,
but we give evidence of less logic, less discernment ...

- we multiply the assets,
but we decrease their values ...

science allows you to live longer,
but we prioritize quantity over quality,
And for many of us, life turns out
sad and monotonous ...

We made the trip to the moon and back, but
we have the difficulty in crossing the street to introduce ourselves to your neighbor ...