Mike Larkin, a traffic officer for the State of California, was on patrol on his motorcycle, when suddenly a cargo truck turned a corner at high speed.

Officer Larkin immediately thought, this is a good ballot, turned on his siren and lights, and began the chase for the day. The driver of the truck accelerated with greater force and Police Larkin in turn increased the speed of the motorcycle.

After several minutes of persecution, Mike communicated by radio with the Central Station asking for help, but silence was his answer, after calling several times, he heard a voice from the central station that said:

! Shut up!!. Again he began to call, no one answered and a little later again the voice told him ... Shut up!

Without understanding it, he continued his pursuit and now the voice on the radio from the Central said ... Attention! If there is a police officer near 1254 Park Street, there is an emergency in that house, a child is unable to breathe, please go there immediately.

To Mike's surprise, he was right in front of house 1254 now.

He stopped and at that moment the father of the child with an anguished face was hurrying out with the child in his arms, his lips purple ... Officer Mike took the child and gave him artificial respiration ... the child came to himself and was able to recover his breath , two minutes later the paramedics arrived, they pushed Mike aside, took the child and took him with his father in the ambulance and there was officer Mike, alone….

Thoughtful, he told himself. ! It is not fair ... I arrive, I help this child, nobody said thank you and the paramedics did not even determine me and the truck that I was chasing left !!.

As a feeling of injustice embraced him… He heard God speak to his heart saying, “Why do you care? You were in the right place at the right time to help the right person. Don't forget that I operate in mysterious ways.

I used that truck to get you to this correct point, I prevented you from communicating with the Central, so that you will arrive at the correct time. You did what I wanted you to do and that should make you happy ”.

Mike started his motorcycle and with a smile on his lips resumed his patrol full of satisfaction. Years later that Police Officer became the World Director of International Missions for the Foursquare Church.

Do not forget that even today, God can lead you down mysterious paths that you cannot understand or understand so that you are in the right place and at the right time to reach out to the right person.

Now then, if I have found grace in your eyes, I beg you to make me know your ways so that I may know you and find grace in your eyes. Also consider that this nation is your people. Exo 33:13

And now, Israel, what is the Lord your God asking of you? Simply that you fear him and walk in all his ways, that you love him and serve him with all your * heart and with all your * soul. Deum 10:12
Lord, show me your ways, and teach me your paths. Ps 25: 4