In the early 1960s, Michael Deaver was a young man with political aspirations looking for a leader to believe in and to follow.

The person he found was an actor turned politician named Ronald Reagan.

In 1966, Reagan was elected Governor of California, a position he served for two terms, from 1967 to 1975. During his tenure, Deaver served as chief of staff and retained this position when Reagan became the fortieth president of the United States.

Deaver admired many things in the man with whom he had worked for thirty years. Ronald Reagan had so many extraordinary qualities: his convictions and love for his country, his understanding of himself, his skills as a communicator, and his sincerity. Deaver said, "I would go so far as to say that I was incapable of being dishonest." But perhaps the most impressive thing about Ronald Reagan was his ability to relate to people.

Deaver commented, "Ronald Reagan was one of the shyest men I have ever met." However, the president was able to communicate with anyone: a head of state, a common worker or an energetic journalist.

When asked why Reagan got to the press so well, Deaver commented, “Well, basically Reagan loved people, whether they were members of the press or ordinary people. And that shows. Although many journalists did not share the political position of the president, they all loved him as a person.

Part of Reagan's abilities came from his natural charisma and verbal flair; skills he developed in Hollywood.

But even greater was his ability to relate to people, something he honed while traveling for a decade across the country as a spokesman for General Electric.

It is said that Reagan was able to make anyone feel like his best friend, even someone he had just met.

But more importantly, he connected with the people who were closest to him. He really cared about the people on his team.

"As far as he was concerned, he treated the chief of staff, the gardener or the secretary equally," recalls Deaver. "They were all important to him"

Let's not forget that God has put us on the path of life, to be channels of blessing to those around us. When vanity touches our hearts we begin to look at others below us and those who go up a lot can soon fall. It is better to be at the side because when we stumble, who is close will reach out to us.

Do not turn aside in pursuit of vanities that neither profit nor deliver, because they are vanities. 1 Samuel 12:21

Do not trust the deluded in vanity, Because it will be your reward. Job 15:31