A mother used to pray at night with a young daughter, about six years old, when she put her to bed.
One night the mother told him:

- Today we are going to ask God for a little more to heal Aunt Marta.
They prayed for Aunt Marta, every night, for a couple of weeks. Afterwards, the mother said nothing and they stopped asking.
On the third or fourth night without doing so, the girl asked:

- Mom, why don't we pray for Aunt Marta?
- It's that Diosito has already made it good, replied the mother.
"And if he made it good," the girl replied, "shouldn't we pray to thank him?"

We are more likely to ask than to thank. That of those ten cured lepers and of whom only one returns to thank Jesus, is repeated in our lives daily.
Of every ten times that we ask, perhaps, we do not give thanks. The gratitude of the one who asks opens the hand of the one who gives: gratitude facilitates generosity.
And we have so much to thank God for!

Agustin Filgueiras

Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name, make known his works among the peoples. 1 Chronicles 16: 8
And they are to be present every morning to give thanks and to praise the LORD, and also at night. 1 Chronicles 23:30