In life there are two kinds of people ... which one do you belong to?

Those who spend their lives dreaming and those who give life to their dreams.

Those who dream of achievements and those who achieve their dreams.

Those who follow the tracks and those who left them.

Those who see in order to believe and those who believe before seeing.

Those who step on you when you go up and those who go up to help.

Those that give you confidence and those that take it away from you.

Those who give without asking in return and those who ask for change.

Those who choose one of two and those who take both.

Those who look out the window and those who go out through it.

Those that make, reproduce and die and those that are born, produce and never die.

- Submitted by Fabio Donado

There are those in life who follow the path and end up getting lost and those who open the path and because they have decided to follow Jesus who is the true path. The latter, nothing or no one, makes them back down. Decide today those of the second group and you will see a total change in your life.

God blesses those who do not follow bad advice or walk in bad company or hang out with those who mock God.
God blesses those who love his word and joyfully study it day and night.

They are like trees planted by streams: when the time comes, they bear much fruit and their leaves do not wither. Everything they do get it right!
The same is not the case with the wicked; They are like dust blown away by the wind!

When they are judged, nothing will save them; Those sinners will have no part in the gathering of the good ones! Truly, God cares for the good,
but the wicked are headed for failure. Psalm 1