Patience! Patience is a term used by all of us permanently and in almost all levels of our lives, it should also be noted that with the passing of the years in our existence its verbal or mental repetition sharpens; it is very common to hear exclamations like -Patience… Patience! O-Sir, give me patience, among others, accompanied by a fairly obvious body language.

Technically the definition says that patience is the attitude that leads the human being to be able to endure setbacks and difficulties to achieve some good "It is the courageous perseverance that opposes evil, and despite what man suffers he does not allow himself to be dominated by it" .

It is also what people need in many cases to stay stable at a certain time.

Patience is a trait of mature personality.

It is the virtue of those who know how to suffer and tolerate setbacks and adversities with strength, without regretting. This makes people who have patience know how to wait calmly for things to happen, since they think that things that do not depend strictly on one must be given time.

Patience is waiting and serenity in the things that are desired.

Patience is learning to wait when you really don't want to.

Patience is being willing to face the challenges and challenges that life offers you, being aware that life itself also gives you the strength and courage to resist and face each challenge.

The term is assimilated over the years, it is understood with the help of faith and is a clear example of wisdom and maturity.

Romans 8:28

And we know that those who love God,

all things work together for good, that is,

to those who are called according to their purpose.


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