Many times we receive gifts that we do not expect or want, but the reality is that there are simple situations that can teach us great lessons in life. Merry Christmas.

In an afternoon Christmas, a beggar enters a small restaurant in a town, with a very different appearance and clothing that does not go unnoticed by the people who were inside the restaurant.

The waitress only looked at him from afar until they ordered her to take care of him. She very reluctantly went to take his order. And offered him the cheapest dish that was corn with chicken and he asked the value of it. $3.50 she answered him. Reaching into his pocket, he asked if he would take the chicken out of the soup as soon as it was going to be left. And she already quite annoyed told him: in $2.50.

Give it to me without the chicken then the beggar said smiling at the waitress that he just wanted him to leave quickly.

After finishing the soup she did not want to go to leave him the since this gentleman had disgusted him, so another waiter left him the bill.

When the beggar left, she had to remove things from the table and to her surprise she saw a $1 bill and a note written on a napkin that said “I didn't have enough for the chicken but here's your tip. Merry Christmas."

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