A peasant once hunted an eagle in the forest, brought it home, and raised it among his plates and turkeys. Five years later, a naturalist came to visit him and saw the bird. Told him:

"That's an eagle, not a chicken!"

"Yes," replied the peasant, "but I have already raised her to be chicken."

"Even so," said the naturalist, "it has wings that span fifteen feet." It's an eagle!
"It will never fly," said the peasant.

The naturalist disagreed and they decided to put their difference to the test.

First, the naturalist took the eagle and said:

-Eagle, you are an eagle; you belong to heaven and not to earth; spread your wings and fly.

The eagle saw the chickens and jumped to the ground. The next day, the naturalist took the eagle to the top of the house and said the same thing to it before releasing it. Again, he spotted the chickens below and fluttered to join them and eat.

"Another try," said the naturalist.

He took the eagle to a mountain. The trembling bird looked around and then the naturalist made him look at the sun. For the moment, the eagle spread its wings, gave a powerful screech and flew off, never to return.

Others may say that you are a piece of meat, a chicken instead of an eagle. But deep down, you have a spirit created in the image of God, and you are destined to fly.

Every call is great
when looking hard.

Philippians 3:14
I continue towards the goal to get the prize
of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.