I was at the University in 1968 when United States Senator Robert Kennedy was assassinated. A famous phrase that he had quoted from George Bernard Shaw made a very deep impression on me. It jumped from the pages of the newspaper to my heart common to all, is the vision.

Leaders see life as it could be. They always see a little further ahead, a little more than those around them. The world says: "I have to see to believe." The leader says: "I have to believe to see it."

The crowds shake their heads in despair and murmur: "It is humanity's darkest hour." The leader still in the dark says: "The darkest hour is always the one before dawn."

The loser sees the work that needs to be done and excuses himself when he says: "My little contribution will make no difference, the task is too big."

The winner looks at the very work that needs to be done and says, "Here's a great opportunity, I'll do my part to succeed."

Followers see the hard work they must endure to climb the mountain of success. Leaders see success in climbing the mountain of hard work.

Many people see the problem in every situation. Therefore, they focus their thinking on problems and the possibility of failure.

Leaders see the potential in every situation. Therefore, they focus their thinking on the potential and possibility of success.

It is possible for two people to look at the same object and see different things. While our physical sight is very important, our mental sight is equally important.

Why is it that we schedule periodic reviews of our physical vision and not our mental vision? The last time I visited my eye doctor he checked me and said that I had a little farsightedness (distance vision); I replied, "Praise the Lord!"

If he was going to have vision problems that were due to distance vision and not short vision.

John c maxwell

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." So it is correct to conclude that where there is vision the people will not perish. Prov 29:18

I advise you to buy gold refined by fire from me so that you can become rich, and white clothes so that you can dress and the shame of your nakedness does not show, and eye drops to anoint your eyes so that you can see. Rev 3:18