Franklin D. Roosevelt used to say, “It is normal to choose a method and try it. If it's a failure, admit it frankly. But, above all things try to do something ”.

In the book Eagle Wings, Ted W. Engstrom gives this advice about the importance of trying “By starting today, you can begin to enjoy using and developing your gifts. For a start, you will want to risk something small, like a toe instead of the neck. "

“For example, if you have always wanted to write, write something, a short article, a poem, an account of your vacation. Write it as if it were going to be published and then present it somewhere.

If you are a photographer, collect your best photographs and submit them in a contest. If you think you are a good tennis player or golfer, take part in some tournaments and see the results. You may not win top prizes, but think about how much you will learn and experience just by trying. "

The first step in trying may be a course you take at a local college ... private lessons ... or conducting your own simple experiments. Intent is perfected with practice. Stay true to what you want to do.

The worst of failures is ... don't try!

Defeat is not the worst of tragedies. The real tragedy is not having tried.

Josue 1: 9
Be strong and brave! Do not fear or be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

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