People are gifts that life has given me. They are already wrapped, some very beautifully and others in a less attractive way.

Some have been mistreated in the mail; others arrive like "Special delivery"; some arrive wrapped, others closed with great rigidity. But the wrapping is not the gift and it is important to realize this. It is very easy to go wrong in this regard, judging the content by the case.

Sometimes the gift opens easily; others need the help of other people. Maybe it's because they're afraid, maybe they've been hurt before and don't want to be hurt again. It could be that they were once opened and then discarded. Maybe now they feel more like "stuff" than as human beings.

I am a person. Like all other people I am also a gift. I have a goodness that is only mine. And yet sometimes I am afraid to look inside my envelope. Maybe I'm afraid of being disappointed, maybe I don't trust the one in me. It could be that I have never really accepted the gift that I am.

Every meeting and communication between people is an exchange of gifts. My gift is me, you are your gift. We are gifts from God to one another.

It is difficult to think at times that the one who has hurt me is also a gift from God, but if we see the offense as a battered envelope and we do not stay with it, we will surely find a beautiful gift, because of each event God has a teaching for us to grow in his love, in our faith.

We ourselves can have an envelope so mistreated by time and / or circumstances, but what we carry inside will always be beautiful, because whoever put it there is our Creator, we would only have to look inside and be ready to give ourselves ... discover in your interior all the gifts with which the Lord conformed you and be the worthy gift for those who need you.

Sent by Miriam de Pérez

I thank my God whenever I remember you, always praying with joy in each of my prayers for all of you, for your participation in the Gospel from the first day until now, being convinced precisely of this: that the one who began in you will carry out a good work until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1: 3-6

For this reason I too, having heard of the faith in the Lord Jesus that is among you, and of your love for all the saints,
I never cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers. Ephesians 1: 15,16.