A judge was going to release a prisoner from jail, so he made one pass one by one by one
"Interview" with him to see who deserved to be released. When asking the first why
was there this said:

- "I'm here because I was slandered and wrongly accused"

He called the second and he replied:

- "I'm here because they say I stole, but it's a lie"

In this way, all the prisoners passed by and declared themselves innocent. Until it came
the last one who said:

- “I'm here because I killed a man. He hurt my family and I lost control and that's why I killed him.
But today I realize that what I did was wrong and I am very sorry "

The judge got up and said:

-I am going to free this last prisoner.

Everyone was perplexed and said. But why are you going to free him?

The judge replied:

- The punishment is for those who hide their fault. Mercy for those who
they acknowledge their fault and repent.

Proverbs 28:13 “He that conceals his sins shall not prosper: but he that confesses and
he withdraws, he will find mercy. "