There were two warrior tribes in the Andes, one living in the valley and the other high in the mountains. One day the mountain dwellers invaded the valley lands and, as part of the looting, abducted a baby from one of the families in the valley.

The inhabitants of the valley did not know how to climb to the top of the mountain. They did not know the trails used by the locals, nor did they know where to find them or how to pursue them in the rugged terrain.

Still they sent their best warriors to climb the mountain and bring the baby back.

The men tried one method of climbing and then another. They tried one trail and then another. However, after several days of effort they had only managed to advance a few meters.

Hopeless and powerless, the men of the valley decided that their cause was lost and prepared to return to their village.

As they packed their equipment to descend, they saw the baby's mother coming down the mountain and carrying her baby on her back. How was it possible?

One of the men saluted him and said, "How could you climb this mountain if we, the strongest and most capable men in the village, cannot?"

He shrugged and replied: "The baby was not yours."

Source: Jim Stovall, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul.