Yesterday is gone, and you can do nothing about what happened!

Keep going!

Don't lament over spilled milk!

All those phrases and sayings came to his mind, as he left the courtroom. Jim's marriage was over. He was the first person in his family to get divorced, and this reality crushed him.

What should my family think of me? He wondered.

A couple of months later, a snowy winter afternoon, provided the answer. Jim had traveled from his home in South Texas to a small town in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to visit his brother for Christmas. It was almost dark when the bus slid into a gas station parking lot.

Huge flakes fell gently and everything was covered with snow. Jim was exhausted and restless as he got off the bus. Suddenly, he found Steve, his older brother, and Jim was caught in a bear hug of such magnitude, that it surpassed all of his kind. When Jim looked up, he saw his father standing at the edge of the parking lot with a smile on his face. The welcoming act they had offered him made him feel loved.

That simple message of love and acceptance delivered on a snowy winter afternoon had a profound impact on Jim's life. It did not make his sorrow disappear, as if by magic, but over time it enabled him to gain strength and encouragement, each time he was remembered.

No matter what we have done, we are valuable and welcome in the kingdom of God and each day is indeed a new day. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote this truth: "When the tide is lower, it is already going to change its level."

Proverbs 28:20
The faithful man will abound with blessings.