Psalms   Sentence: Psalm 91 In Prayer Form.

Psalm 91 as a Prayer

There are several ways to classify the psalms; many are classifications according to content: penitential, messianic, thanksgiving, psalms of trust.

During the 20th century, new studies emerged that have emphasized more the literary form or genre of each psalm.
We can say that there is not and has not been any other literature that has been in such widespread use for such a long time as the OT psalms. From many centuries before Christ until today those who love

God uses the psalms in their devotional life and in their worship.
The psalms and their use in worship really had a major influence on Israel. Sociology shows us that each society is creating its own world (its world of values, fashions and customs). In Israel it was the cult that was shaping their world of beliefs and values and the psalms were the main instrument as “maker of their world”.
God uses the psalms precisely in worship, the time when believers worship God together.

Without worship, that is, a community that actively processes the truths of the Psalms, they remain as inert literature. It is in worship that the believer experiences the conviction, teaching, and power of God in his own life.

Worship is a gift from God through which the creative power of God is mediated. The work of "making one's world" the dramatic work of worship is authorized and legitimized by the power of God to "make the world" which is God's work but is processed through obedient, human action and speech. intentional, disciplined. These human actions and speech shape and articulate the world.

Psalm 91 in the form of a Prayer.

Thank you Lord because in your word you assure me that whoever lives in your shelter will be welcomed in your shadow.
Today I tell you Lord: «You are my refuge, my strength, the God in whom I trust.
Only you can free me from the traps of the hunter and the deadly plagues, because you will cover me with your feathers and under your wings I will find refuge. Your truth will be my shield and my bulwark! I will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, 6 nor the plague that stalks in the shadows, nor the plague that destroys at noon.
A thousand may fall to my left, and ten thousand to my right, but it will not affect me. I will only have to open my eyes wide, to see the disbelievers receive what they deserve.
I have put you Lord as my refuge, you my God as my protection, no evil will befall me, no calamity will come to my home. Because you will order his angels to watch over me in all my ways. With their own hands they will lift me up so that I do not trip over any stone. I will crush the lion and the viper; I will tread on beasts and snakes!
«You Lord will deliver me, because you have united me to you; You will protect me, because I have recognized your name. I will call upon you Lord, and you will answer me; You the eternal will be with me in moments of anguish and you have promised me that you will free me and fill me with honors. You will fill me with many years of life and will make me enjoy my salvation. "
I believe it with all my heart: Amen.