"If we did everything we are capable of, we would be really surprised." Thomas A. Edison

Recently I was in a prestigious company where I shared about change, understanding the times we live in order to be more effective in our business. The same is a subject that can be adapted to life because if you do not understand the change, your tendency will be to stay behind. Change is a constant and the only thing that will not change is the Word of God, in it we find principles to live in any age or culture. What I must look for is how to adapt the principles to the times we live in.

Changes are constantly taking place and if I want to grow, if I want to live, I must be willing to change. What things should I change? Many people are facing problems in their marriage, in their finances, in their jobs, in their career and they do not know how to do it, in my view they are having stakes that do not allow them to advance. Stakes can be mental barriers that we grow with.

What stakes keep you in the ground that don't allow you to go after your dreams?

That reminds me of the story of "The Elephant" by Jorge Bucay, you probably already know it, and yet it may be that you have not been able to apply it to your life, it is good to read it and reflect on it. For those who have not read it, I leave it here:

“When I was little I loved circuses, and what I liked most about circuses were animals. I was particularly struck by the elephant, which, as I later learned, was also the favorite animal of other children. During the performance, the huge beast displayed enormous weight, size and strength ... But after its performance and until shortly before returning to the stage, the elephant always remained tied to a small stake driven into the ground with a chain that imprisoned its legs

However, the stake was only a tiny piece of wood barely buried a few inches in the ground. And though the chain was thick and powerful, it seemed obvious to me that an animal capable of uprooting a tree by its force could easily free itself from the stake and flee.

The mistery keeps looking obvious.

What holds it then? Why don't you run away?

When I was five or six years old, I still trusted the wisdom of older people. So I asked a teacher, a father or an uncle about the mystery of the elephant. Some of them explained to me that the elephant did not escape because it was trained.

So I asked the obvious question: If he's trained, why do they chain him?

I don't recall receiving any coherent response. Over time, I forgot the mystery of the elephant and the stake, and only remembered it when I met others who had also asked that question at times.

A few years ago, I discovered that luckily for me, someone had been wise enough to find the answer:

The circus elephant does not escape because it has been tied to a similar stake since it was very, very young.

I closed my eyes and imagined the defenseless newborn elephant attached to the stake. I'm sure that, at that moment, the little elephant pushed, pulled and sweated trying to get free. And despite his best efforts, he couldn't, because that stake was too hard for him.

I imagined that he fell asleep exhausted and that the next day he would try again, and the next day, and the next ... Until, one day, a terrible day for its history, the animal accepted its impotence and resigned itself to its fate.

That huge and powerful elephant that we see in the circus does not escape because, poor thing, he thinks he cannot.

He is engraved with the memory of the helplessness he felt shortly after birth.

And the worst thing is that that memory has never been seriously questioned again.

He never, never tried to test his strength again ...

That elephant looks like many of us who create mental stakes: “I can't”, “I am not good for that”, “I will never make it”, “nobody has done it”, “we have always done it like this” and we can get to make a long list of stakes or mental barriers that do not allow us to go further. There are many today who feel chained to dysfunctional relationships, to jobs or jobs that they do not like, to addictions that they cannot control, to bad habits that enslave and this generates dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, anger, sadness, fear, among others emotions and mood.

All this that occurs in the being is due to ignorance of its purpose in life. When you don't know your purpose, your life loses meaning. I read a phrase these days and I really liked it: "Purpose keeps you motivated, energetic, ready and focused."

When you discover your purpose, you will realize that you are capable of doing many things that you thought you could not do. When you discover your purpose, you can flow freely in the gifts and talents God gave you. When you discover your purpose, you can change and live the life to which God has called you.

"So if the Son sets you free, you will be truly free." John 8:36 (NIV)

God has called you to live in freedom. Today is a good day to change, to drop the stakes and start living, dreaming, feeling your heart fly. Seek your purpose in life, discover your gifts and talents, you are not an elephant, you are the image and likeness of God. You are a winner or winner!

In love and leadership,

Pedro Sifontes
Personal Coach
[email protected]