Life ... for many of us is so complicated. We all have our own perspective on life. She begins with love, demands love and always seeks love; so beautiful, so simple, yet so difficult for us to understand.

Crawling within the limit of those four walls, surrounded by dad, mom and other family members, how happy we were. How excited we used to be watching comics on TV, getting toys, eating chocolate, etc.

With an expanded frontier in life and with more friends around us, we are supposed to be even happier! But are we really?

Before we developed education systems, good means of transportation and communication, etc., we were happy. But now, with all these advances, why can't we be happy?

We have the skill and technology to reach outer space… and yet we cannot develop a technology to bring a smile to someone's face. Needs and wants drive us towards all these discoveries and lead us towards luxury. These are the same wants that, at one extreme, become desires ... unlimited desires in which we drown.

We are drowning in wanting more love, more luxury, more comfort, and more success.

We have accumulated vast knowledge even though we fail to understand the simple truth of life: life is a journey and we have to accept everything that comes our way. The only way to smile is to accept who we are and what we have… never run and lament for what we don't have.

SG Vaidya, copyright 2009

Today's thought, almost an existential clamor that reminds me of the anguish of many in the seventies in the last century (the 20th), seems to hit the mark for many in the middle of the West. Encouraged by the culture that surrounds us, we have launched ourselves in search of a collective dream that we will never achieve because it is unreal! And, as the author says, life offers us in the midst of its obvious complexity, the opportunity to be happy if we know how to live it simply, with an attitude that is grateful to the Lord for who we are (instead of complaining about those who are not we are or because of who we would have liked to be) and what we have (instead of lamenting for what we do not have or would have liked to have). There is no substitute for a life of genuine contentment before God. Let us dare to embrace that lifestyle… which will not only bless us but also all those around us. Go ahead and God bless you.

Raul Irigoyen

The Thought Of The Chaplain.