When we think about the things that can happen in life, worries, problems, stress and struggles, we forget one thing that can change everything: and that is a smile that can be found in abundance.

At Christie Hospital in Manchester, the first thing you see is a smile on a face directed at a stranger — me. And it is not something strange wherever we go, there is always a smile, a warm face and a glow. The staff are fantastic and provide a feeling of peace making us feel like no harm will befall us. And how is it that they do it?

With serenity and cunning, while they carry out their daily tasks with an eminent smile. But one thing inspires each and every patient, regardless of their health, none of them — a mix of all races and genders — will be seen without an “ear to ear” smile. As I look around, I feel encouraged and strengthened.

I will join this group no matter how long to come out of this a much stronger person.  I plan to smile more each day now that I have learned its true meaning.

Dave Wilton, copyright 2002

Source: www.motivateus.com

Today's reflection, written from the perspective of a patient in a hospital, is not really just a call to a group of medical professionals, but rather a challenge to all of us. And it is that the author, despite his state of health, recognizes the spiritual and therapeutic value that a smile can offer. Caramba!

It is not just that smiling blesses ourselves — we have already heard that smiling, we tense far fewer muscles than frowning — but that through a warm and genuine smile we can share peace and healing with those who need it so much. Obviously, the emphasis is on the warmth and genuineness of a smile that comes from the heart and not simply the intention to pass for socially correct.

Maybe it's that part of our service to God: smiling at others and making their day. But you may think that the smile does not appear so quickly on your face and that you need help. So why not take some time this weekend to reach out — along with so many others in need of the Lord — to a congregation and worship with them, opening our hearts to receive not only the peace, power, and wisdom that we all need, but also the grace to bless those around us… with a smile from the heart?

Go ahead, may the Lord continue to bless you.

Raúl Irigoyen.
The Thought Of The Chaplain.