Max, he was always a good friend. Although our economic differences were abysmal. I, son of the pastor of the Church they attended; He, the son of a German immigrant, who had raised a fortune by making items that were unique to the country.

But these differences did not count when it came to enjoying our friendship.
We both grew up, got married, and made our families. In turn, I became pastor of a Church about 100 km from the Church where we grew up.

One day we met on the street of the greater city; I, pressed for the hour, knowing that I had an important meeting with the body of elders and He, relaxed, happy with the meeting, trying to extend it.
Man, a coffee, let's talk a little, we never give ourselves time. Listen, let's have a coffee and talk; Then I'll give you my car and you will attend the meeting. You will win at least 45 minutes, which we can take advantage of.

I succumbed to the offer and we enjoyed the minutes, laughing and reminiscing about our youthful times. Then, to the parking lot and the car keys; Well, it wasn't just any car. It was an American Cadillac Seville that took my breath away. No man, nothing happens, just go, things happen to the fearful; I trust you and your hands.

Admired by the confidence and grateful, I accepted and left. I arrived early for my meeting, comfortable and very cheerful. So, I screamed from the door jokingly, I changed the car; I have bought another !.

My son, about 7 years old, ran out the door, looked at that wonder and came back screaming. Mom, what car dad bought, come see it! And then your sisters upstairs come see our new car!

He didn't think about where Dad was going to get money for such a car. He did not reason; Dad is a pastor from a small town and has a van. How do I make this change? He just believed my joke and it was already a sure truth. If dad said it was.

It hurt to disenchant him and explain that it was a spontaneous joke and I hadn't meant to hurt him. But, he got it. We went out for a ride in the Cadillac and he was happy.

But, God does not deceive us dear friend, what He promises is fulfilled and he is happy when with the Faith of a child we firmly believe that what he has said is faithful and true.

… .If you do not turn around and act like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 18: 2
Osiel Ibáñez- Chile