I chose Trust in God and You?

 "Do not allow the crisis to take over you, start to see the opportunities and you will surely succeed."

It has been noted that the most popular word of these times is "crisis".

We read the press or watch the news on television and we meet the crisis, we are at work or at home and what we hear is a crisis, this of course makes many Christian and non-Christian people paralyze and do not advance for fear of the crisis.

Are you one of those people who have stopped before the crisis or are you one of those who advance in search of the extraordinary?

Life is a matter of attitude and attitude is a matter of decision, and I choose what attitude I am going to take in the face of crises, problems or situations that may arise, we can choose a positive attitude or a negative attitude. The positive attitude makes a difference because it seeks to solve problems, it is not that it leaves problems like that and does not care, a person with a positive attitude always seeks to solve, enjoys circumstances, sees more opportunities and lives life with enthusiasm.

A person with a positive attitude keeps the following in mind:

1. He did not choose the circumstances that he had to live, but he did choose which attitude to manifest.
2. Strive to develop a positive attitude and not let go.
3. Your actions are determined by your attitude.
4. The attitude of your people or environment is a reflection of yours.

“God decides what we are going to go through. We decide how we are going to spend it ”.

It is your decision how you decide to spend this day, it is your decision if you decide to trust God for all matters in life. If you think that your marriage has a solution or has no solution is your decision. Whether you think you can get out of that financial debt or you can't get out is your decision, everything is in your beliefs and where you put your trust. The limits we have in our minds.

There is a story in the bible in the Gospel of Matthew 8: 5-10,13, where a Roman centurion approaches Jesus to ask for healing for his servant who was in pain and could not move. Jesus tells him that he will go to heal him but the centurion tells him that he is not worthy for him to enter his house, that he only orders the word and the sick will be healed.

Wow, Jesus is amazed and says that not even in Israel had he met someone who will trust as much as this foreigner and later Jesus tells him that as you believed it will happen. Here we can see the attitude of the centurion, he could have done several things: ask Jesus to come to his house, send a soldier with the message, look for another servant without caring about the other's pains, however he looked for solutions and being The foreigner approached Jesus, made an effort to approach the teacher and chose to put all his trust in God by asking him to order, to say the word of healing and the sick would be healed. Jesus can praise this attitude with amazement, marvels at the faith of the stranger and affirms that as you believed it will happen.

Some questions I'd like to ask you:

What are you believing for your life?

What do you hope will happen in your marriage, in your relationships, in your business, in your finances?

Are you able to amaze the Master?

How is your attitude towards life?

Are you trusting God for your problems, needs, temptations?

My attitude will determine my actions. I can be a victim or a protagonist, I can be a blessing or a curse, I can be a slave or free, I can trust God or not trust is my decision. There is an anecdote that illustrates it very well.

They say that a mountaineer, eager to conquer a very high mountain, began his journey after years of preparation, but he wanted glory only for himself, so he climbed without companions. He started to climb and it was getting late, and later, and he did not prepare to camp, but decided to keep climbing, and it got dark. The night fell heavily on the height of the mountain, you could no longer see absolutely nothing. Everything was black, the moon and stars were covered by clouds.

Climbing up a cliff, just a few feet from the top, he slipped and collapsed through the air, falling at breakneck speed. The mountaineer could only see swift dark spots and the terrible sensation of being sucked in by gravity. He kept falling ... and in those distressing moments, all the pleasant and not so pleasant episodes of his life crossed his mind. He was thinking about the approach of death, however, suddenly, he felt the very strong pull of the long rope that tied him from the waist to the stakes driven into the rock of the mountain.

At that moment, suspended in the air, he yelled: help me my God !!! Suddenly, a deep and grave voice from heaven replied: "What do you want me to do?" - Save me my God - Do you really think I can save you? –Of course Sir –Then cut the rope that holds you… There was a moment of silence; the man clung even tighter to the rope…. The rescue team says that the next day they found a mountaineer hanging dead, frozen, holding his hands tightly to the rope ... Just one meter from the ground ...

What is the rope to which we cling to avoid receiving the blessings that God has prepared for us today?

Today is the best day to trust God and enjoy everything he gives us, look for your extraordinary result. I chose to trust God, and you?

In love and leadership,
Pedro Sifontes Christian Coach Leadershipcreativo.com